Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Here wit the fam

So now here in Adelaide. The day that I got here Ellen, Georgia, Matt, Granny, Erin, Kelly and the boys came to meet me. That was pretty awesome. It has been wonderful here catching up with the family. We had a family dinner with everyone the first night. The second night I went up to Andy and Trish's house. We got a fiddle and I played a couple songs for them and then Andy taught me how to play the bohran. I was wicked cool. I think that my first purchase when I get back to the states will be a bohran. I then stayed with Granny Sunday night. It was a lovely stay and she is filled with many stories. I am staying at Auntie Gerri's tonight. We are gettin some pizza and havin a little girls night. I miss everyone. I will try and load up some pictures later. Muah!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Here in Queensland!

I have left Sydney and have arr ivied in Queensland. It loved staying with Rebecca and Morgan. Their family is amazing! Erin and Kate and the babies made it even more enjoyable! I am now here in Queensland staying with Dinah (Uncle Andy and Trish's daughter). It has been so much fun so far.
When I got off the plane I assumed I would recognize Dinah when I saw her and just walk straight up to her with a big hug. But when I got off the plane, I looked around for a bit and saw someone who I thought was her but i wasn't sure and I could tell she was doing the same thing. Then we realized that we found the person we were looking for....EACH OTHER! Very funny first meeting but she has been so great to me. Dinah has been so good to me. Treating me as an actual member of the family pretty much. She is just great and sort of reminds me of my mama. :) It's great getting to know her.
We went up to Gold Coast yesterday and went to Surfer's Paradise which is any surfers dream. I put my feet in the softest sand I think I have ever felt and then put my feet in the water. We then went up to Q1, which was built for the Olympics. It is the tallest residential building in the world and is the 20th tallest building in the world. It was literally breathtaking. You feel almost dizzy looking out the glass windows upon the city. It took us 43 seconds to get up to the 77th floor and the same going down. Talk about fast. We then headed for home and I go to meet the kiddies. Kira, 10. Liam, 8 and Zali, 6. Talk about gorgeous kids.
Today we went to Tambourine Mountain. Talk about a great hiking place. It is a rain forest filled with huge overbearing trees and very lush and green. It has a little strip of shops that feel like a country town. Then we went to Southbank and went to see the Brisbane temple. Now that is a beautiful temple and it overlooks the river.
Tomorrow we are off to The Steve Erwin Park Zoo!!!! Yay!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A day in the city

Yesterday was a busy busy day. All of the family, except Morgan who had to work :(, went out for a day in the city. We all grabbed our bags and babies and headed off for a train ride to the city. I loved seeing the city full of life and people bustling around. It felt as if I were in New York except being in Sydney, Australia was much cooler. Instead of people playing the guitars, everyone played the digeridoo. It's been so interesting to compare Australia to Amereica. There are some similarites but it is for the most part, a completely different continent.
The Sydney Harbor Bridge was amazing. It waas so surreal. I felt as though I was looking at a painting. As we rounded the corner the Sydney Opera House was absoulutely beautiful. The design and architecture was so different looking at it up close rather than looking at a picture. As we looked inside the resaurant we saw a group a very prestine chefs having a little chat. Rebecca pointed out that one of them was a famous chef and owned the restaurant.
We then went to the Botanical Gardens and walked through a large tree of bats. It honestly looked like a horror movie only it was daytime so it wasn't nearly as scary.
We then went on a ferrie ride on the harbor. It was my first ferrie ride, so i thought I would get sick but to my surprise, I loved it. It was so free and relaxing. Though it was a bit cold, it was very peaceful. The day was just in plain old words, a fun day. I cannot wait to come again and explore even omore of the history and the beauty of Sydney. I got a good clear picture of the bridge and opera house together.
I know it's horrible to say but I think I want to live here. Sorry mum. How about we all move over here okay?
Love and miss everyone.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nice relaxing day!

My third day in Australia. After a 14 hour flight, I got into Sydney airport around 8:00 am! Rebecca and Hannah met me at the airport and I was so releived to find them so quickly. I had a bit of trouble switching terminals and a long wait through customs. But it was worth it. I have loved being here. Camden is such a beautiful place eventhough it is cold and a bit rainy right now. Rebecca has been so kind and gracious to me, making sure my stay is extra special. The family has welcomed me with open arms and it's been so comforting. Everything is so different here. from the different name brands to driving on the other side of the road! Erin arrived yesterday and we all went into the city and watched Dark Knight in I-MAX! We then pretty much got harassed and cussed out by a scary hippie man who was angry because he didn't get the money he thought he deserved after doing fire tricks. haha, good times, good times. Today has been a relaxing day. Just cuddling up on the couch talking and watching the television. Kate, Sarah and Dane arrived today and it's been lovely. The babies are so cute. Many more good times to come. I'll keep you posted.


P.S.- I miss you I miss you Scarlett household. Especially Mum and Dad. Oh and Aliza!