Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Especially For Youth
This past summer, I went to E.F.Y. at Northern Arizona University. It's such an amazing church program. Every time I go there, I always come back feeling like a different person. I learn so much from the scriptures and make new friends. I feel a lot more confident in being able to share my testimony with others. The boys aren't I meet aren't too bad either. I always have a blast with the friends I go with. This year was my last year and it was by far the best year ever!!! I roomed with my best friend Brooke, and I don't think there was a time that we weren't laughing or smiling about something (besides the spiritual meetings of course.)

The Girls

The Boys

The wannabe gangsta's

Gooo E.F.Y

Roxy and Caitlin = Cool Cousins

Brooke and Caitlin = Tight Friends

Monday, February 25, 2008

Workin it

A few weeks ago I, Caitlin Scarlett, got a job. I had worked previously at Gelato Premio which is an Italian Ice Cream Shop. It was torture for me to look at the ice cream and not be tempted to eat it, plus my bosses were a bit on the coo coo side so I quit. I got a job at a childcare center at the gym I go to. It's been an wild ride so far. It's taught me a lot of patience which is a good thing because when I start having kids I need that patience to keep from going crazy.

This past Saturday I was watching this little boy who is regularly there because his mom works at the gym. I saw him fighting with another boy and told him to stop. When he didn't I told him a very kind voice to come over to me so I could talk to him. He slowly came over with a very angry look on his face. As I tried to ask him why he was fighting, out of nowhere, HE PUNCHES ME IN THE FACE!!!! I got a fat lip from a little 4 1/2 year old. I told one of the girls I work with to go get his mom and let's just say after his mom had a talk with him, he came and apologized. That little boy is as sweet to me as ever now.

It's been fun working there but sometimes I just have to stop myself and think why? This little girl came to me with pooh all over her behind and I found a whole other mess in the bathroom. A baby burped up his whole dinner on my shirt. A little boy asked me when I was gonna have my baby. And a couple days ago he accidentally ran into my stomach and when I said "ouch", he asked if he had hurt the baby at all. I have watched Aladdin more than 20 times in the past 3 weeks. I think I might be going deaf from all the kids screaming and yelling at each other eventhough they are only a few feet apart.

All in all my job is pretty great though. I have really good hours and MOST of the kids I watch are pretty dang cute.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Real Wayne and Garth

I know Halloween is long over but I must say that we had the coolest costume ever
Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar
a.k.a Caitlin Scarlett and Kaitlyn Rogers

Party Time Excellent

Izzy hated this costume but she looks so cute :)


The White Chicks
Leona, Brooke, Me

The Tongans
Tevita, Charlie, Tuuta

I went to my first school dance for my Senior year. I had such a blast. Let's just say going with Tongans = Craziness. I loved it though. We all had a fun time and pretty much had the time of our lives.


Tevita and Me

There were about 11 couples there. It was madness. This is the reason why boys are lucky to have short hair.
It took me about a 1/2 a bottle of shampoo to get all the mud out. I would do it again in a heartbeat though.

Monday, February 18, 2008

I Love my Izabelle. Eventhough she poops and pees everywhere, you can't help but love her