Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Hope They Call Me

When I turned 21 back in June, I was tossing up the idea of staying here in AZ and going to school, or putting in my papers and going on a mission. I had the feeling I should go on a mission but I went against my gut and stayed here instead. I have come to find, that my wants and needs are not always the Lord's wants and needs. I have been stuck in this rut for the past few months and I think it was the Lord's way of telling me, "I have a plan for you but I need you to open your heart and listen."
This past Sunday I prayed and fasted for guidance as to what I should do. Tuesday night I got my answer. I had just gotten home and went upstairs to do my homework. A short while later my mum came home from spending the evening at the Temple. She said she was thinking about me and my situation and a thought came across her mind. She then asked me, "Have you ever thought about going on a mission?" My heart skipped a beat and I near about lost my breath. It was an answer to my prayer. I can honestly say that God works through other's and I couldn't be more grateful. I was scared and nervous about this answer, so I asked my dad for a blessing yesterday and this blessing just confirmed to me that I need to go.
So there you have it, I am going on a MISSION! I am so nervous and haven't had much of an appetite today but I am so excited. I know that this is the right decision and I cannot wait to get out there and serve where I am needed. I know God lives and that He loves us. He answers prayers and He knows our needs. I know Jesus Christ lives. He is our Elder Brother and our Redeemer. This gospel is true and I am blessed to have the light that it brings into my life.
I'll keep everyone posted on my progress :)


  1. have i told you lately just how much i love you - like in the last five minutes or so? your dad and i a so proud of you; not just because of this decision to serve a mission...but because you are who you are - full of light.

    i love you...

  2. That is so cool! Sister missionaries rock. I married one.

  3. Awesome!!! i love that you have listened to the Lord, even when it was hard! I'm so excited for you Caitlin and im praying ever so hard that you will be called to the Perth, Australia Mission... let's hope the Lord answers with a yes :) love you so much xxx

  4. This is so awesome Caitlin.. you are going to be an amazing missionary!!!!!

  5. Yay! You will be an awesome missionary! So exciting!

  6. Get in line Georgia, she is coming to Adelaide. I hope it everything you want it to be. Serve and work hard and the Lord will surely bless you. I love you God Bless, xoxoxo