Monday, August 1, 2011


I have been doing my juice fast for the past three days and I am definitely seeing results. I am down 7 pounds already. I have been drinking plenty of water and went on a fantastic walk today. I have been experimenting with different juices and have found I like some but others not so much. It has been hard! I miss food but this reboot means more to me than a plate of chicken fettuchini alfredo with a side of breadsticks. Although, writing that just made my mouth water. They say the first three days are the hardest. Today, I definitely felt the side effects. The tiredness and headache caused me to be a bit short with my family this morning which I am not too proud of. I mean I've been angry before but I literally could not control myself from my emotions this morning. Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow.
I have been learning so much about the fruits and veggies we eat which most of us don't eat enough of. The benefits of these foods are absolutely phenomenal. Did you know that celery is a coumarin which have been shown to help in the prevention of cancer? Did you know that apple's help in the prevention of Alzheimer's and lower cholesterol? Did you know that carrots reduce the risk of a stroke and nourish our skin? So my parents were right. Veggies are good!

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  1. You're the bestest girl!! You always look great
    I know you can be strong and you can stop anytime you think is wise and walk lots
    Making the sugar break is the hardest
    Keep occupied andd stay out of the kitchen and supermarkets
    Love you Auntie Chris