Monday, April 7, 2008

This is what I do for fun

Before you see these, you should just know that this is my complete and total personality. I am crazy, I love to have fun and I don't really care what people think of me. My friends are, for the most part, the exact same. I will admit that I am a freak. I have a way too qurky sense of humor and these pictures are not what you would call normal.

Burnt Marshmallow
Can you belive I found a jacket like this at Charlotte Russe???

Alright this one is a pretty normal. Although when us three get together, it is complete and utter mayhem. We are loud and obnoxious and the further you are away from us....the better.

So here is the deal with this picture. My friend Brooke decided one night at one of our many sleepovers, that she wanted to do my make-up. I told her "Sure, that would be awesome!" She told me to close my eyes and not open them until she was done. So I laid on the floor thinking of how cute this little make over would turn out to be. She kept saying "Oh my goodness, this is going to be so cute!" and "Oh i love this color on you." After she was done she told me "You have to promise me to let me do your make-up for prom." I thought well if she thinks it's good enough for prom then sure. As I looked in the mirror, I screamed in terror. This is the make-up she put on me!!! This of course meant that I had every right as a friend to do it back to her. In the end she was a lioness and I somewhat resembled to Golum (from Lord of the Rings).
We have many pictures like these
I honestly don't think we have one picture in which we are all smiling. They are either of us trying to be gangsta or just plain goofy looking.